Community Mental Health Programs

IHI Therapy Center offers a number of Mental Health Programs designed for members of the local community.

Community Education

We will be glad to plan educational programs for your group on such issues as:

  • When your son/daughter comes out
  • Lesbian/Gay marriages and parenting
  • Current social and political issues affecting the LGBTQ community
  • Financial management geared to non-traditional family relationships

Speakers Bureau

ihi's staff is available to address your group on a variety of mental health issues. Some topics we have addressed are:

  • Religion and Mental Health
  • Medication and/or Talk Therapy
  • LGBTQ Issues in the Schools/Workplace
  • Values and Varieties of Expressions along the Sexuality Continuum
  • Power Dynamics in LGBTQ Relationships
  • Sensitivity training for the corporate workplace

Please call our Associate Director, Tara Lombardo, at 212-243-2830, to discuss any program that you are interested in.