LGBTQ Sensitivity Trainings

Who: IHI offers LGBTQ sensitivity trainings, tailored to your organization, in order to assist in promoting a safe and competent work environment for employees or clients who identify as LGBTQ.

What: IHI's LGBTQ Sensitivity Training is a full day course that utilizes lecture, class discussion, group exercise, video presentation, and case study analysis. The training covers the following topics:

  • Relevant definitions 

  • Heteronormative assumptions in the workplace

  • Debunking and understanding common myths and stereotypes

  • Discrimination & oppression

  • Affirming/sensitive language

  • Coming out

  • Disclosure of sexual and gender minority status

  • Trans-literacy

Where: IHI Therapy Center will send a training representative to your organization. IHI can host trainings upon request.

When: At your convenience

Why: “Research supports the contention that in the workplace context, feeling comfortable disclosing one’s sexual orientation or gender identity and being shielded from discrimination based on those characteristics...may be important mechanisms to explain how LGBT supportive policies result in better business outcomes. Thus current research suggests that companies who wish to leverage their commitment to diversity to improve their bottom line ought to consider ways in which they can create and sustain LGBT inclusive workplace climates and foster the safety and wellbeing of their LGBT employees” (The Business Impact of LGBT Supportive Workplace Policies, The Williams Institute, 2013).

For Booking: Contact IHI's Program Director, Joshua Yoselovsky, at 212.243.2830 or at