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About Tele-Therapy

TT is a cutting-edge technique of psychotherapy using an encrypted confidential video system through the Internet that allows a therapist and a patient to communicate while residing in different geographical locations. It is specifically intended for people who cannot easily arrange for traditional face-to-face therapy because of:

Geographical distance


Specialized care not available locally

Because of state licensing requirements, we offer this service only to residents of New York State or from a computer housed within the state.

Your computer must have a webcam and a microphone. If it does not, they can be added to your system. Without them, Tele-Therapy is not possible. Also note that some ISPs are more capable of transmitting high quality images than others. You must have broadband service; Dial Up is unable to transmit the program.

We strongly advice you not to participate in TT while at work unless you work at home and are alone in the room.