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How to Apply

Read the Application, the Informed Consent, and the Privacy Policy on the following pages and make sure that you understand all of its provisions. If you have a question or do not understand something, either call IHI at 212.243-2830 during business hours, or email us at (We don’t text at this time.) Download and print out these three forms.

Read about our policies including the payment of fees and about missing a session and vacation periods.


1)         Fill out the Application Form.

2)         Read and sign the Informed Consent.

3)         The Privacy Policies is yours to keep. 

4)         Mail the Application Form and Informed Consent to IHI at 322 Eighth  Avenue, NY, NY 10001.


After we receive your application, a member of our clerical staff will review it. That person will phone or email you (at your preference) that the application is complete, or instruct you what further information is needed. It is important that we have your preferred phone number and the best days and times that you are available for discussion with this staff member. When you connect by phone, the staff member may ask you a few personal questions about your past, such as your experience with drugs, alcohol and previous therapy, but not the specific reason you seek therapy. You will also be asked for your social security number and credit card number. The staff member will also review our financial arrangements. If you will be paying by credit card, the information will be taken at this time. IHI does not take insurance (except for GHI), but in some cases, we can fill out the required forms to submit to your insurance company. We cannot, however be certain that reimbursement will be forthcoming. You will have to confirm that with your insurance company.