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The Software Program

The staff member will help you download the video conferencing program. Computer savvy people will find it easy to install. There is no charge for the program, although we retain the right to change to another program that is more advanced if we feel that it is in your best interest, even if a fee is required to use it. No recording is made of the therapy sessions. While we suggest that you not record anything, we encourage you to take notes after the session, a journal of sorts about your reactions and feelings about the session. You might also want to take a few notes to discuss at the next TT session.

The next step is only for the purpose of making certain that a connection between our computers is possible. If there are some transmission problems, the staff member will instruct you how to change your computer preferences that may make transmission more suitable. This is not a time to discuss the reasons you are seeking psychotherapy. Please be sure that your telephone is handy in case there are Internet or ISP problems. You will be required to show a government issued ID.

Please understand that “cutting edge technology” also means problems with the Internet or the software programs. Should there be a glitch in transmission, you have the option to continue the session with your therapist via telephone.