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IHI Policies

         The fee for a session of Tele-Therapy is $135. The staff member who contacts you will take down your credit card information. Should you need to cancel a session for any reason, please do so at least 24 hours before the session begins or a charge will be made. Clients are allowed three days per year for vacation, family responsibilities or illness. Other cancellations will incur a charge. Special circumstances should always be discussed with the therapist.

         Expect IHI to contact you at some future point in order to evaluate how we are doing with TT. It’s new for us and we want to make sure we’re doing a good job. This is completely voluntary and will have no bearing upon the relationship between you and your therapist. Finally, should you feel that the assigned therapist is not the best match for you, please call the Director of Tele-Therapy and he will listen to your request and assign you to another person. Other issues can also be discussed with him.